Lesson 1: Connecting to a Vault

COM Programming

Application Types


The IEdmVault Interface

Debugger feedback

Logging into a Vault

Handling HRESULT Return Codes

Programmer’s Reference Guide

Interface Versioning

Lesson 2: Files, Folders, Items and References

The IEdmObject Interface

The IEdmFile Interface

The IEdmFolder Interface

The IEdmPos Interface

Case Study:File Traversal

Case Study:Folder Traversal

File References

The IEdmBatch-Listing Interface

The IEdmClear-LocalCache Interface

Case Study:Reference Tree Traversal


Lesson 3: Users and Groups

The IEdmUser Interface

Lesson 4: Card Variables, Versions and Revisions

Card Variables

File Versions

File Revisions

The IEdmDictionary Interface

Lesson 5: Add-In Applications

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Add-Ins

Lesson 6: Task Add-In Applications

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Task Add-Ins