Lesson 1: Installation Planning

Planning for SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM

The Planning Process

Training Scenario

The Installation Process

Lesson 2: The Administration Tool

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Administration Tool

Case Study: Create a New File Vault

Create a Local File Vault View

Setup Overview

Lesson 3: Users and Groups


Case Study: Creating Users


Case Study: Create a New Group

Lesson 4: Folder Card Creation

Data Cards

Anatomy of a Data Card

Case Study: Design a Folder Data Card

Lesson 5: File and Search Cards

Importing Data Cards

Case Study: Design a File Data Card

Case Study: Design a Search Data Card

Lesson 6: Column and Bill of Materials (BOM) Views


Case Study: Columns

Bill Of Material

Case Study: BOM

Lesson 7: Workflow



Case Study: Create Categories

Case Study: Create New Workflows


Case Study: Create New Revision Schemes

Case Study: CAD Files Revision Scheme

Lesson 8: Notifications and Tasks


Case Study: Assign Notifications

Case Study: Convert Task

Lesson 9: Folder Templates


Case Study: Folder Template

Lesson 10: File Templates

File Templates

Case Study: File Template

Microsoft Office Templates

Case Study: ACME Specifications Template

Lesson 11: Data Migration

Migrating Legacy Dana

Case Study: Data Migration

Lesson 12: Vault Backup

Backing Up File Vaults