SolidWorks Electrical Schematic

Lesson 1: Projects


Stages in the Process

Starting SOLIDWORKS Electrical

What are Projects?

Creating a New Project

Project Overview


Zooming and Scrolling

Lesson 2: Mixed Scheme

What is a Mixed scheme?

Stages in the Process

Existing and Archived Projects

Line Diagram Symbols

Adding Cables

Drawing Tools

Lesson 3: Developing a Scheme

What is a Schematic?

Stages in the Proces

Draw Multiple Wires

Schematic Symbols

Manufacturers parts

Symbol Properties

Creating New Symbo

Lesson 4: Cabling

What is Cabling?

Stages in the Process


Detailed Cabling

Adding Manufacturer Parts

Terminal Strip

Pin to Pin Connections

Symbol association

Copy and Paste

Lesson 5: Macros

What are Macros?

Stages in the Process

Creating and Adding Macros

Location Outlines

Lesson 6: Control Drawings

What are Control Drawings?

Stages in the Process

Drawing Single Wires

Inserting Single Terminals

Using Functions

Function Outlines

Lesson 7: Cross Referencing / Component Association

Associating symbols to a component

Stages in the Process

Cross-referencing symbols

The Cross Reference List

Lesson 8: Managing Origin-Destination Arrows

What are Origin-Destination Arrows?

Stages in the Process

Replacing Wires

Origin-Destination Arrows

Lesson 9: Programmable Logic Controllers

What is a PLC?

Stages in the Process

Adding a New Scheme

Adding a PLC Mark

Inserting a PLC

Lesson 10: Final Drawings Changes

Editing the PLC Drawing

Stages in the Process

Associate Cable Cores

Adding a Part Manually

Assigning a Part

Wire Style Manager

Numbering Wires

Assigning Parts to Other Objects

Lesson 11: Reports

What are Reports?

Stages in the Process

Report Manager

Drawing Terminal Strips

SolidWorks Electrical 3D

Lesson 1: Adding a Cabinet

Adding a Cabinet

Stages in the Process

Unarchiving a Project

SOLIDWORKS Cabinet Layout

Insert Component

Inserting Rails

Inserting Ducts

Lesson 2: Inserting Components in the Cabinet

Inserting Electrical Components

Stages in the Process

Converting to an Electrical Component

Inserting Terminals

Lesson 3: Adding Door Components

Adding Door Components

Stages in the Process

Smart Components

Inserting Smart Features

Lesson 4: Propagating 2D Changes to 3D

Propagating Schematic Changes to 3D

Stages in the Process

Changes in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

Changes at the Assembly Level.

Lesson 5: Routing Wires

Routing Wires

Stages in the Process

Routing Path

Route Wires

Lesson 6: Routing Cables

Routing Cables

Stages in the Process

Inserting Components

Associate Component

Adding Cable Glands

Set Origin/Destination of Cables

Route Cables